With the pandemic still escalating in most places and trips of all kinds being canceled, a huge number of people in the U.S. (and abroad) are trying to reach the airlines on the phone.

People who have had flights canceled want to know their options. And especially after the DOT stepped in, many, if not most, are demanding their money back.

The situation is trickier if your flight hasn’t been canceled and instead has been amended or is even on schedule.

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If you need to reach an airline to get a refund for a flight for a reason related to COVID-19, you may not have an easy time of it right now. Each airline is responding differently. But for the most part, wait times are long (consider giving their international call centers a call) and people are still struggling to recoup value for flights they can no longer take.

If you’ve had a flight canceled or changed and you haven’t been refunded for it, you still need to get in touch with an airline representative. And as you may know, their customer service lines are pretty busy right now. Many credit card customer service lines are tied up, too.