A few reasons why two screens are more productive:

  1. I can have email on one window, and a browser on the other, when I click news links in newsletters, it opens a browser and loads the page while I can still continue reading the newsletter. This way, I’m not waiting for web pages to load, I only look at them after they are ready.
  2. I can be writing one document while viewing source information on the other screen instead of needing to flip back and forth.
  3. Multitasking, such as viewing a video while managing files or cleaning up an inbox.
  4. I put one in portrait to view a full paper page of a document, instead of a partial page.
  5. There are many more little ways two screens helps. It ends up saving a few seconds at a time…but it adds up over and over, ALL DAY.

Example – Day 1: “I don’t really need 2 screens, I work fine with one.” Day 3: “I see what you mean, there are a few things I can do faster.” Day 30: “I will NEVER go back to working with one screen on a regular basis.”