More than half of US Hispanics say they are most comfortable speaking Spanish, but a larger percentage prefer English-language broadcast, print and internet media and can switch easily between languages to get needed information, according to an Ipsos Omnibus study.

Some 52% of US Hispanics report speaking primarily Spanish at home, while 43% say they speak mostly English, the study found. Among Hispanics surveyed, the study found that regardless of language spoken at home, Hispanics overall take advantage of their bilingual abilities by using, accessing and enjoying media in both languages.

English-Language TV Dominates

More than half (54%) of Hispanics overall say they prefer to tune into an English-language TV program, the study found. Among these, older Hispanics are more likely to prefer English (61%), while 54% of 18-34-year-olds prefer English, and slightly more than half of Hispanics aged 35-54 (52%) prefer English.