The quickest and easiest way to do a Facebook Live using a proper camera
Broadcasting to Facebook from a proper camera (not a phone camera) really makes a difference in quality and flexibility of broadcasting techniques.
Here is a quick walkthrough on how to go live using Facebook Live API and a proper production camera.

  1. First follow the instructions provided by Facebook to set up your stream, this includes creating a Facebook App and creating the HTML file needed to create the button needed to initiate the live broadcast.
  2. To make this process really easy, download Wirecast, its not a free software, but they offer a demo version that you can use as long as you want (but they put their watermark on the video from time to time). The cost for this application is around 500$ if you want to buy the license.
  3. Choose your camera that has an HDMI out considering the cables available.
  4. Get a Mini recoreder form Blackmagic, this will take an HDMI from a side and a thunderbolt from the other side. This hardware comes with a software (Blackmagic Desktop Utility) that you need to install.
  5. Once Blackmagic Desktop Utility is installed, make sure that the camera is connected to your laptop using the Blackmagic (HDMI from camera side, and thunderbolt from MacBook side) and then turn your camera on.
  6. When your camera is on, and open Wirecast on your laptop.
  7. Make sure your adblockers are disabled, and then open the webpage that you created in step 1, and click the button “create live stream to Facebook”, this will open a popup with configuration that you need later.
  8. Copy the RTMP configuration from the popup box to Wirecast (output > output settings > RTMP server) and paste in the copied address in the address field, and the stream key to the key field.
  9. Go back to Wirecast, and create a new stream (you should see something to indicate that the camera is an input source.
  10. Go back and check the popup, you should see your stream their, and ready to be published.