Internet slow? Want pages come up faster?

Tried of Netfilx buffering? Frustrated over youTube videos loading slowly?

Wish those family reunion photos would download faster from Dropbox?

There are a couple things you can do *without* buying a “faster” package from your internet provider.

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1. Replace your modem every 2 to 3 years. Modems get tried, “packed up”, and will get slower over time. A new modem will also unlock new speed technology for you. 16 channels is (potentially) faster than 8. 32 channels is faster (and more expensive) than 16.

2. Restart your router once a week or month. This will clear the router and also give a chance for firmware upgrades if you have it set on “auto-update”.

3. Once a month unplug power to the modem and router for a couple of hours so it can cool down. This will increase life span.