Just $3.90 EACH days after the ‘worst ever’ hack of 50 million users.

Facebook logins are being sold on the dark web for just $3.90 each, a shocking report has revealed.

Email logins sell for as little as $2.70 each, according to experts who analysed the value of 26 commonly used accounts.

They found the majority of someone’s online life could be available for just $970, which includes all usernames, passwords and email addresses.

The report found that logins for Reddit generally go for $2.09, a password to Instagram sells for $6.30 and a password for Pinterest goes for $8.48.

According to the report, a Twitter password is worth just $3.26.

Hotmail passwords are worth around $3, Gmail passwords are worth $3.26 and AOL passwords are worth just $2.74.

The report found the best to protect oneself was by using two-step authentication when a text message is sent to the users phone with a code.

This means that a hacker is unable to get onto someone’s account on a new machine without also having access to their phone.

Also if users have different passwords for each account it means they will not be able to access all accounts in one go.