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December 18, 2007 – Vol. XI, No. 33


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In This Issue:

Item One: Email Holiday Marketing Season
Item Two: Holidays Email Marketing Tips
Item Three: Fitness Tip – Dark Chocolate for Hypertension?
Item Four: Word of the Week
Item Five: What is a trackback?
Do you know…

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1. Email Holiday Marketing Season

According to the Retail Email blog, they found in that 68% of retailers in their survey sent out a Cyber-Monday promotion compared to 44% last year (54% increase).

In addition, 25% of retailers in their survey sent promotional emails the Sunday before compared to 12% last year (108% increase).

Ahhh, the power of "Cyber-Monday" has come into a life of its own. In fact, many e-Tailers continuing to push strong with echo-Monday promotions to snag last minute gift-giving season buyers.

2. Holidays Email Marketing Tips

Reports have shown that email is the most used medium for online shopping during the holiday season. Email marketing, due to its affordability, effectiveness and straightforwardness, is much exploited to benefit the most from the holiday traffic and spending, hence generating a positive impression about the company as well as a higher revenue. Email marketing supplies the tools to target clients who are ready to spend money over the holidays. This period thus provides a plethora of prospects to boost your business. You should employ an efficient holiday marketing stratagem which solves your customers’ problems and target their interests. Sending holiday email campaigns is an excellent way for you to stay connected with your clients.

Tips to increase sales during holidays, making use of email marketing:

Email Early
Send your campaigns early, before the holiday shopping rush to grab more customers. You should avoid sending emails during the holidays as people do not tend to check their email regularly. A number of emails pile up and the chance that your email is deleted without being read increases. Therefore, emailing before the holidays is more efficient. Include a sense of urgency in your emails, such as limiting the time period, so that your recipients respond and buy quickly.

Email Frequency
If you have a propensity to rise the frequency of your mailing during the holidays, inform your recipients beforehand. Do not increase your email frequency without notification as this might irritate the receivers.

Notify About New Issues Or Updates
You should notify your recipients in case you plan not to publish issues during the holidays. You can also seize the opportunity to invite new people to subscribe to your email or newsletter. If new updates or offers are expected after the holidays, outline them before the holidays to whet your subscribers’ appetite.

Basics Of A Good Email

  • A good "Subject" line which outlines a benefit and is free from spam-like words, such as free, or bad formatting, that is all capital letters and excessive punctuation.
  • A fine and recognizable "From" line, which includes your brand.
  • Send personalized HTML emails. The latter leads to a higher response rate and allows the tracking of opens and click-throughs. oemPro provides the ability of personalizing all your emails.

Holiday Greeting
You should send holiday greetings to all your prospects and customers. The latter will appreciate your thanks and regards.

3. Fitness Tip – Dark Chocolate for Hypertension?

If your blood pressure is high, chocolate may help. The Antioxidants Research Laboratory at Tufts University, recently found that hypertensive people who at 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate per day for 2 weeks saw their blood pressure drop significantly, according to an article in the journal "Hypertension". Their bad cholesterol dropped, too. Some people had the same amount of white chocolate, but it did nothing, due to the fact that is does not contain any cocoa, which is where flavonoids come from. How much is 3.5 ounces? That would be roughly equal to a big bar of baking chocolate. The participants in the study cut out about 400 calories from their regular daily diets to make room for the dark chocolate. But you don’t necessarily have to go to those lengths — just a bite or two will do you good.

4. Word of the Week

auctorial • \awk-TOR-ee-ul\ • adjective

: of or relating to an author

Example Sentence:
"The capacity to tell a plain tale is the greatest of the auctorial gifts." (Anthony Burgess, Homage to QWERT YUIOP)

Did you know?
In ancient Rome, auctioneers, grantors, and vendors were known as "auctors." The title is based on the Latin verb "augere," meaning "to promote" or "to increase." The word "auctor," which was also used for a person who creates something, passed through Anglo-French and Middle English, eventually evolving (somewhat perplexingly) into the Modern English word "author." English writers dug up "auctor" again in the early 19th century to form the adjective "auctorial." The coinage was a somewhat surprising one, given that the word "authorial" had been firmly established in English for over a quarter of a century. Today, "authorial" is the more common of the two words, but modern-day wordsmiths continue to put "auctorial" to use on occasion.

5. What is a trackback?

A trackback is when a link to your blog is displayed in the comments section of another user’s blog. Trackbacks can look just like a blog comment and offer the same traffic visibility. By posting trackbacks to popular blogs, you gain increased traffic from user’s viewing the blog and increased search results from search engines.

6. Do You Know…
On this day:

  • Abel Tasman Lands in New Zealand (1642)
    Dutch seafarer and explorer Abel Tasman was the first European to reach New Zealand. After sighting and taking formal possession of Tasmania, Tasman and his crew planned to sail north, but unfavorable winds caused them to turn east and discover the islands of New Zealand.
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