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Americans Spend Nearly 3.5 Hours Per Week Watching Online Video

Americans Spend Nearly 3.5 Hours Per Week Watching Online Video

If you are like me, you don’t think much about the time you spend watching online video. It sort of just happens—an article takes you to YouTube, a friend emails you about a video, a coworker shares an interview… Well, it is time to quantify these experiences.

The latest study from Arbitron and Edison Research, “The Infinite Dial 2010: Navigating Digital Platforms,” did exactly this type of quantification, revealing some promising trends about online video.

Conducted in early 2011, the report surveyed 2,020 Americans age 12 and older. 38% of the respondents said they have watched online video last week. That is a 26% increase from 2006 when only 12% of respondents indicated they recently viewed online video. We can only anticipate for this number to go up, showing people’s readiness to embrace online video. This is a fortunate reality for businesses.

The survey respondents also said that they spent more time watching online video than they did in the past. While in 2008 online video consumed 2 hours and 20 minutes from people’s time per week, now it retains their attention for longer. In 2011, viewers reported they spent 3 hours and 26 minutes per week watching online video.

The growth in people’s consumption of online video is a sure sign you should get involved in video marketing. This doesn’t have to be a huge project that requires its separate team and expensive equipment. You can start small by hiring a video production intern and doing a few interviews with your customers, demoing your product in a more engaging way or even showcasing the quirks of your employees.

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