The May benchmark survey of business professionals ages 45-63, focused on TV viewing habits vs. home internet usage, reports MarketingCharts. It found that Boomers spend an average of 12.9 hrs/week online, compared with only 11.8 hours/week watching traditional TV. It also found that many Boomers would be willing to give up their subscription TV service if they could get the same programming online.

Moreover, by a five-to-one margin Boomers are watching less traditional TV than they did a year ago. Among this group, 62% say it’s because they’re not as interested in what’s on TV these days, and another 26% say they’re spending more time surfing the web, ChangeWave said.

Among traditional TV viewers, 20% of survey respondents say they would be likely to downgrade or cancel their current TV service package in the next six months. The likelihood of canceling is highest among cable (22%) and satellite subscribers (22%), and lowest among fiber-optic TV subscribers (7%).