Some 21 million Canadians viewed more than 3.1 billion online videos in February 2009, and the average online Canadian spent 10 hours viewing internet video during the month – up 53% from last year’s February average – according to data from comScore Video Metrix service (via MarketingCharts).

Canadians averaged 605 minutes in February. The UK average online video viewing time was 540 minutes. Germans spent an average of 466 minutes viewing online video. Those in France spent 390 minutes. Americans watched online videos for an average of 312 minutes.

As in the US, Google Sites led as the most popular video destination in February with more than 1.6 billion videos viewed (52% share of all videos), and accounting for nearly 99% of videos viewed at the property. Microsoft Sites ranked as the second-most-popular video destination with 55.6 million videos viewed (1.8% share), followed by Yahoo! Sites with 45.7 million videos (1.5% share).