How many Americans are shopping, watching TV or working at any given moment of the day?

A new interactive chart, built by e-commerce company Retale using survey data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, answers that question, depicting what Americans are doing in real time.

You can also see just how routines shift along age, gender and employment lines.

A Typical American Day

Sleep takes up a large portion of everyone’s time, but it’s in the waking life that really differentiates us. For instance, watch education evolve into work and then finally into leisure as we age. Or see which gender plays the largest role in household activities. With data collected from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, you see the demographic divisions in everyday American life. Read more about the typical American daily routine in our article.

Busy States of America

What the Nation is Doing Now?

Everyday we fill our time with a mix of activities from work and chores to socializing with friends and relaxing on the couch. Are you eating right now? About to call a friend? Find out how many of your fellow Americans are engaged in selected everyday tasks at this very moment.