Is YouTube a part of your social media marketing?

Or do you only post videos occasionally?

YouTube Cards let you add interactive cards to your videos. They provide excellent motivation for viewers to act on your calls to action.

Why YouTube Cards?

YouTube cards are a powerful way to maximize your results.

When your audience watches your YouTube videos, you no longer need to hope they remember the website address you mentioned or look in the video description for a link. Just create a visual card they can instantly click on for that important information.

YouTube cards include an image, title, link and a call to action.

YouTube cards are an excellent opportunity to send viewers to other content on your website. Keep in mind, you need to do more than just drive your audience to your homepage. You need to let them know where to go or what you want them to do once they get there.

Each video should have a particular goal. This is on top of watching your video and engaging by liking or leaving a comment. This is where the call to action is really important.

Grow Your Email List

YouTube allows up to five cards per video. One of them can be an incentive to sign up for your emails.

An email list is essential for relationship development in any business. Stay in touch with your audience, while doing ongoing lead generation for your sales funnel. This is more eventual than immediate sales. Warm up the people on your list, and promote your products and services to them over time.

Sell Your Products

In addition to educational and entertainment content for your audience, share YouTube videos with cards that directly promote your products.

One way to do this is to create and publish a series of short videos that give your viewers a sample of who you are. You can also create videos that explain what you are selling, whether it’s snippets of a book, how to use your product (infomercial-style) videos or portions of a training program. Then, include a YouTube card that promotes the full product, as well as the link and call to action to buy it.

How to Add YouTube Video Cards to Your Videos

  1. Login to your YouTube account
  2. Go to the video manager page
  3. Click “edit” on a video you want to add cards to
  4. At the top of your video, click on the “cards” tab
  5. Click on the “add card” button
  6. Choose the type of YouTube Video Card you want to add – click the “create” button
  7. Enter the URL for the site you want to point viewers to
  8. Click the “create card” button