How do you attract viewers to your YouTube videos to create more potential customers for your business? Here I discuss some of the ways your videos can get noticed on YouTube.

  1. Great content – You should always post a video that offers some distinct value. Avoid posting lousy videos as these bore viewers. Your content should be informing, entertaining and educating.
  2. Target your content – The more targeted your videos are the faster they are likely to find an audience. When you niche target your videos you can easily promote them via YouTube’s community features.
  3. Optimize your tags – Your video tags should include a combination of both generic and specific keywords. In this way you can attract viewers that are just browsing or those looking at your specific topic.
  4. Write a compelling title – The title of your video is crucial to attracting viewers. Not only is your title searched by YouTube when viewers submit queries, it’s also how most viewers determine what your video is about.
  5. Pick the best thumbnail image – The best thumbnails are clear, not blurry and have a dominant subject. You can also stand out from other listings with a brightly colored or high contrast image.