Foam brushes for your vents
Air vents need to be kept clean. You never know when someone with a dust allergy will come into your car and have a dust sneezing attack. Additionally, it simply is not healthy to be breathing in all of that dust. So go down to your local hardware store and get a cheap, small foam brush. Now you can clean out those vents and keep your car smelling fresh as well.

Toothbrush detail
If you want to detail your car you don’t necessarily need all of those fancy tools and and kits. All you truly need is a toothbrush and a bit of moxie mixed with elbow grease. The bristles in the toothbrush will dig down deep into crevices and get that dirt out. That is exactly what happens whenever you brush your teeth, so you know that this brush will be able to do the job.

Toothpaste for your headlights
If your headlights are so cloudy that it looks like you’re trying to flash beams in a heavy fog on a super clear night, you may need to get over to a body shop and drop nearly $1,000 on new headlights. OR you can take a toothpaste (especially a whitening toothpaste), and clean your headlights yourself. Just put the toothpaste on the lense, scrub, rinse it off, and dry. Voilà, a brand new(ish) headlight.

Take off bumper stickers with WD-40
So bumper stickers used to be cool, but do you really want everyone and their father to know that you love motley crue or that you love bacon to an extreme degree? Bumper stickers have super sticky glue, so taking them off usually requires you peeling off some paint. But no longer, as all you need to do is spray some WD-40 on the sticker, wait until it soaks into the sticker, and then peel.

Shine your body with clay
Let’s say you want that showroom finish and shine but without the showroom prices for that shine. A great way to “cheap out” but get that same exact look is by using a clay bar on your car’s body paint. This is due to the fact that the clay picks up the gunk on your car’s body while leaving a clean, shiny finish.

Remember to clean vents
Your car may be completely clean on the inside, but still smell horrible. What can be causing this problem? Well, it may be your air filters need cleaning. If your air filters are not clean, your car will be getting all the smells of the city, or worse – mold. If there is mold in your filters you may be at risk of developing respiratory diseases. So make sure your filters are clean.

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DIY washer fluid
Washer fluid is very easy to make if you need some in a pinch – especially during the hot dry and dusty summer months. All you need to do is mix three cups of grain alcohol and four cups of water together, adding a miniscule two teaspoons of dishwashing detergent. Put it in an empty bottle to keep in case you have find yourself without the fluid in an emergency.

Q-tip detailing
If you really want that on point finish and clean for your car, use a Q-Tip. Q-tips are amazing because they can fit anywhere and everywhere – from cup holders to car logos. Because of their cotton ends they are really able to clean up any excess cleaning product left over. And the best part – they come in packs of 1,000, so you do not need to worry if you use one or 20.

Emergency glass polish
No matter who you are, man or woman, you should keep a bottle of clear nail polish inside of your car. This is because if a tiny pebble jumps up at you on the highway as you’re going 75 miles per hour, you will get a crack, a tiny crack which can grow and shatter the windshield on you. Put on this nail polish and the crack won’t grow, and you’ll be able to safely get to a garage.

Magic erasers clean your interior
If you have gross stains on your leather or vinyl seats, well there is no need to worry. You can fix those suckers up in a jiff. All you need to do is get a Magic Eraser from your local convenience store and just scrub out those stains. Just get the eraser a little wet and gently start to scrub. You’ll have clean, factory fresh seats in absolutely no time.

Wipes for windows
If you are a parent or in the military, you know how wonderful, indispensable, and amazing baby wipes are. It’s always a good idea to keep a pack in your car just in case you spill something. Additionally, those things work just as good as window cleaner, and they will help keep your windows clean and safe for you to look out of. Thank goodness for them.

Clean the interior of your windshield
Sometimes your outer windshield is clean but your inner windshield is just a whole mess of filth. The best way to get rid of this (so that you can see better of course) is to mix a teaspoon of dishwashing soap into some lukewarm water followed by a drop or three of white vinegar. Put a cloth into the mix and wipe the windshield. Now your windshield is clean, and you did it chemical free.

Silicon gel to clean
Who would have thought that silicon gel and silly putty had other uses besides throwing at your friends? Well it turns out that the gel is perfect for picking up the dirt and grime in between all the buttons. Just push the gel down so that is completely surrounds the buttons, lift it up and there you have it – a clean car that looks like it just rolled off the assembly line.