Below is a snapshot of worldwide search interest this past week:

Cowboys vs Ravens, AirPods Max, Buffalo Bills, Natalie Desselle Reid and Barcelona vs Juventus were all trending on search engines recently. The following reflects searches people have been making lately on search engines:

  • searches for beverage system up 108%
  • searches for Tax reform up 23%
  • searches for elbow pain up 11%
  • searches for real estate in kailua up 30%
  • searches for restaurants that deliver up 45%
  • searches for tennis reservations up 22%
  • searches for pizza restaurants that deliver up 37%
  • searches for Family business up 43%
  • searches for spiritwear up 20%
  • searches for bbq catering up 56%
  • searches for varicose veins pain up 41%
  • searches for ogden doctors up 355%
  • searches for adult tennis leagues up 488%
  • searches for ceramic capacitors up 11%

What are you searching for? Let us know so you can take advantage of every opportunity!!!

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