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February 07, 2008 – Vol. XII, No. 04


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In This Issue:

Item One: 14 Romantic Hotels
Item Two: How much do you know about copyright?
Item Three: Fitness Tip – Dropping Pounds
Item Four: Word of the Week
Item Five: Questions to Ask Your Doctor
Do you know…

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1. 14 Romantic Hotels

These spectacular, affordable spots—some close to home, some in classic Europe—are perfect for a secluded getaway.

2. How much do you know about copyright?

Did you know that when you write anything "original" for your Web site or for some other publication, that it is automatically copyrighted to you? Even if you do not post a "copyright notice" on your work, it is still legally your work and the copyright is owned by you, the originator (unless you choose to sell it.) This
includes any original work you write from an article, to an e-book or even just a simple little "tip" like these one that I write for you to read every day.

Did you know that you can also have your original articles, ebooks and work also copyrighted through the Copyright Office at the US Library of Congress with a Certificate of Registration with the date of Copyright signed by the Register of Copyrights. The cost of this service: $30 US.

3. Fitness Tip – Dropping Pounds

When you’re on a mission to lose weight, slashing calories can help in the short term. But new research shows adding physical activity to the mix is what peels away the most stubborn pounds (think belly fat) and keeps them off for good. Those who don’t exercise (the Centers for Disease Control says 69 percent trying to lose weight don’t work out) risk a rebound. Wake Forest University researchers found that obese people who dieted for five months without exercise had no changes in abdominal fat cell size. Those who combined exercise with diet saw their fat cells shrink by about 17 percent. So a dieter who exercises often has smaller fat cells and a lower risk of heart disease.

4. Word of the Week

nebula • \NEB-yuh-luh\ • noun

1 : any of numerous clouds of gas or dust in interstellar space

2 : galaxy; especially : a galaxy other than the Milky Way

Example Sentence:
The brilliant colors of the nebula were visible through the telescope.

Did you know?
The history of today’s word is not lost in the mists of time, although its history does get misty at points. "Nebula" comes to us from Latin, where it meant "mist" or "cloud." In its earliest English uses in the 1600s, "nebula" referred to a cloudy speck or film on the eye that caused vision problems. It was first applied to great interstellar clouds of gas and dust in the early 1700s. The adjective "nebulous" comes from the same Latin root as "nebula," but the first uses of "nebulous" don’t appear in English until the late 1700s, well after the discovery of interstellar nebulae.

5. Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Going to see the doctor? Even the best physician can’t give you the right answers if you’re not asking the right questions. Logon for some suggestions based on specific topics.

6. Do You Know…
On this day:

  • The European Union Is Established under the Maastricht Treaty (1992)
    Victor Hugo, a French writer and pacifist, proposed peaceful European unification as early as 1849, but it was not until the devastation wrought by WWI and WWII that steps were taken to unify the states of Europe. The European Coal and Steel Company was established in 1951 and the European Economic Community, a customs union, six years later. The latter was renamed the European Community and now serves as the "first pillar" of the European Union
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